• “Don’t Wanna” winner for Best Rock Single at The 13th Annual Independent Music Awards
  • The Album “GIRL” was nominated for Best Rock Album at The 13th Annual
    Independent Music Awards
  • “GIRL” won as Best Rock Album of 2014 by Legion Is On The Air
  • Named Artist of the Year by 365 Radio Network’s Xtreme 365 Radio
  • Invited to play CMJ 2013 and 2014
  • “Don’t Wanna” charted #2 on college radio
  • The album “GIRL” featured on UK Off The Charts “Masterpieces” series
  • Toured nationally, includes opening slots for The Misfits, Lords of Acid, Thrill Kill Cult, Megadeth, Slash, Black Label Society, Koffin Kats, Genitorturers, the up and coming Barb Wire Dolls
  • Grand prize winner for Reverbnation’s Derby Ink Contest
  • Grand prize winner of Microsoft/Reverbnation Contest
  • MTV $5k grand prize winner
  • Grand prize winner to play 97.1 The Eagle’s BFD Music Festival

Have you ever been punched in the face by a GIRL? With sonic and artistic nods to 70’s glitter rock coupled with a snotty punk rawness, Scary Cherry’s debut LP GIRL is an assured, addled, four-on-the-floor joyride. Scary Cherry combines riot grrrl ethos with the pop smarts of The Runaways for a sound that salutes the past while paving its own hard rock path. From the spoken word album opener of Scary in the recording studio, GIRL is a raw, sometimes disturbing, but ultimately empowering journey through the eyes and life of a GIRL. The new album is a glitter roller coaster, twisting and turning, coursing through a gamut of emotions with no exit until the last disturbing notes of a creepy piano and strings fade away.

While it may sound like the band hails from the gutters of NYC, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs actually come from the most unlikely of homes: Dallas, TX.. Born out of roller derby in the Lone Star State, team captain and coach for the Slaughterers, Scary Cherry was asked to write a theme song for the league. Scary recruited like-minded friends and an unstoppable machine was created. 6 years, a few hundred shows and one EP later, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs have garnered a loyal and ever growing fan base who refer to themselves and the band as Glitter Punks, a moniker the band wears with pride.

Whether they are opening up for The Misfits, Megadeth, Slash or Lords of Acid, the band has no demographic boundaries. Having already had 4 original singles played in major market radio, and music featured in film, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs and their debutante GIRL are ready to come out in a big way.

So who exactly is this GIRL the album speaks of? “She is all of us!” explains Scary Cherry, from the self-absorbed bitch in “Glitter” to the severely deranged in “Tracked Down” (love letters from a female serial killer, perfectly cut out and beautifully glued together). She is the GIRL that you have averted your gaze from “Crazy Jane” as well as the GIRL you cannot take your eyes off of, “Anita 69”. GIRL is a simultaneously hyper-kinetic, dangerous, sexy beast and ultimately the essence of Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs.

GIRL is Beautiful. GIRL is Ugly. GIRL is Powerful. GIRL is NOW.

Album: GIRL
Release: Sept 2013
Genre: Glam Rock, Glitter Punk
Hometown: Dallas, TX

1) Don’t Wanna
3) Glitter
4) Get It Off
5) Crazy Jane
6) Cut Off Your Head
7) S.T.F.U.
8) Face
9) The Secret, Frankie?
10) Anita 69
11) Tracked Down
12) Frankie 45 (Bonus)


“Don’t Wanna”


“Cherry Bomb”

“Live Video”

“Cut Off Your Head”

North America is catching the buzz with 100+ radio staions playing Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs.
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  • Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs (self-released)
    “With their deliciously raw mix of glitter rock and garage punk, you’d think Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs would call the Big Apple home. Rather, the trio comprised of Scary Cherry, Tony Coke and Minx the Jinx hails from Dallas, and it does the Lone Star State proud on its rollicking “Girl” debut. The band spent six years touring and honing its sound and the result is this 12-track, R-rated gem. From the opening strains of “Don’t Wanna” till the final notes of “Frankie 45,” Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs never ease off the throttle. Keepers include the title track, “Get It Off,” “Crazy Jane,” “S.T.F.U.,” “Face” and “Anita 69.” Highly recommended.”

Jeffrey Sisk at TribLIVE

  • “Women and rock and roll is all about. Especially when you have attitude, then the business is more cool.
    And this is the case of the band Scary Cherry and The Bang Bangs, who makes a song with 70′s glitter rock coupled with a snotty punk rawness. A powerful voice gives more strength and ruthlessness to the band’s music.
    Scary Cherry and The Bang Bangs is a band with girl, but making music for “macho”.”

– One Hit More